Fecha: Oct 30, 2012


Collserola Natural Park is a protected natural area covering some 8,500 ha of public and private land situated in the Barcelona metropolitan area in north-eastern Spain. The site contains one research station (Can Balasc Biological Station) The Collserola mountains have an altitude of 60-512 m a.s.l. and form part of the Catalan coastal mountain range. The combination of a varied topography and the orientation of the mountain slopes leads to variation in the local microclimate within the Park, although in general it may be described as a typically Mediterranean climate with an average annual rainfall of 672 mm. The annual average daily temperature is some 14ºC with extremes ranging from -4 to +35ºC. Correspondingly, the potential climax vegetation would be dense holm oak (Quercetum ilicis galloprovinciale).