Fecha: Oct 30, 2012


The site includes four permanent monitoring plots included in the ROAGA network (Environmental observatory network of Galicia), located at the northwest of Spain.
Each plot belongs to a different measuring intensity level inside ROAGA network.
This site includes a medium sized atlantic river basin, with a damn at its medium section. Two of the plots are established on the damn, and the other two are monitorizing both the upper and the lower section of the river.The upper section represents a river basin with diffuse human pressure due to agriculture, live stocking, and little villages. The lower section represents a river section with important human pressure, due to industry and bigger villages and towns, with its margins and flooding plains very altered.The damn is a small one in the middle section with problems due to eutrophication and frequent raising populations of cyanobacteria. This damn can be classified as eutrofic and has a monomictic cycle.