Fecha: Mayo 05, 2016


The Andalusian Centre for Assessment and Monitoring the Global Change (CAESCG; is a research center promoted by the
Regional Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment and the Regional Ministry of Environment and Territorial Zoning of Andalusia, located at the University of Almeria. Its purpose is to serve as a platform for meeting and collaboration for research in Global Change and Management of the Natural Environment. It is therefore committed to collective intelligence and transfer of knowledge to managers, and in general, to all of society, through the diffusion and impact of its findings. Its Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) can thus assist in reorienting environmental management policies in the framework of global change, using protected spaces as laboratories and observatories for testing dynamic, adaptive management models.

The CAESCG vision is a new context in which environmental problems derived from Global Change are dealt with through the interaction of scientists, managers and the general public under the paradigm of sustainable development of socio-ecological systems. At the CAESCG we work to achieve leadership in applying science for monitoring and adaptation to Global Change. Our goals are to generate knowledge related to Global Change ecology and establish new frameworks where scientists, managers, educators, politicians and the general public can work together to manage socio-ecological systems rationally and responsibly.